The No Collective

January 2019

As an Architect, it can be very easy to get your head stuck in a manhole. This is why it's so important to reach out and collaborate with people outside of the profession who can offer a new perspective and point out the possibilities which your training might lead you to miss by being a little too 'by the book'. Fortunately we have the NO Collective to keep us balanced.

In their own words:

"NO is a social collective that bases its works around investigating micro-cultures and introducing humorous artwork to a mass of seemingly un-interested viewers; by using familiarity and stereotypes, and often games, 'NO' is keen to widen the understanding of contemporary art mediums and open the mind to subjects that are close to home"

In doing so, things can get quite random.

The Big Draw Event by the NO Collective

Everyone is free to contribute and collaborate as they want and being a collective of many different disciplines, there is bound to be someone who is ready and able to offer some unique expertise, skill and insight. The highly appealing thing about this collective is that it doesn't worry about too many conventional definitions which is perhaps why so many hard to define, but brilliant projects have been realised through the collective.

So, if you have a creative or educational project that needs realising, or are just curious as to what this collective is about read more about the NO Collective here.

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