Residential Design by wsms studio ltd

WSMS Studio LTD is an Architecture & Design studio based in New Cross Gate, South East London run by experienced Architects Walter and Shanka Mesa-Siverio. The studio offers Architecture, Urban Design and Interior Design skills to provide a holistic and design-driven service for projects that require some creative problem solving and professional advice. Our members are fully qualified ARB accredited Architects with extensive training an expertise in design and construction.

"I love the space. WSMS were brilliant, calm under pressure and always able to find solutions"

(E Farace, Private Client, North London)

"Working with you is always a joy, as you have an inquisitive mind and a natural drive to create the best project that you can - and will go the extra mile to see that you can fully help the client in any way they need it."

(N. Bays, Project Manager, Retailery)

"The design has more than met our expectations and we thank you for translating our objectives into the finished project. I think the relationship has been good all the way through so everyone was transparent in terms of expectations and I believe these were met."

(G. Arkus, Private Client, North London)

Basement extension by wsms studio ltd
Kitchen design by wsms studio ltd
house division and extension by wsms studio ltd
Extension in North London by wsms studio ltd
Wimbledon House by wsms studio ltd
Tenerife house by wsms studio ltd
Urban Boardwalk by wsms studio ltd
Vision for Besson Street by wsms studio ltd
Community engagement by wsms studio ltd
Street art
paper canary birds by wsms studio ltd photo by Raudel Mesa Siverio
Extension in North London by wsms studio ltd
Pop up retail by wsms studio ltd
Public Art

"WSMS in my experience provide a warm and informative service that helps the client to think laterally about their project. The consultation document we received was very detailed and visually understandable, despite the content being complex."

(Romford Arts Group)

"We really appreciated your patience, willingness to try what we suggested and commitment to the process. Your service is highly professional. You are a good communicator, patient, very likeable and enjoyable to work with. You also manage the whole process really well and clearly".

(T Gooding, Urban Patchwork)

Fees & Services

Whatever the size or type of the project our services are always fully bespoke and based on individual requirements as are our fees. We offer a fully comprehensive architectural service or select services to suit your neeeds. Browse below for more details or contact us for more information or to discuss a project and we will be happy to provide you with a recommended project plan and quote.

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Project Management & Construction Advice
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Design Commissions
Design Commissions
Design Commissions
Design Commissions
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